Design your dream layered projects
in Cricut Design Space!

Do you spend aaaaages searching for the perfect layered cutting file? There HAS to be a better way, right?

Ditch the endless SVG searches and make your OWN layered projects that look EXACTLY how you want them to!

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What is Lovely Layering?

Lovely Layering is a collection of video lessons on how to design your own layered projects in Cricut Design Space.

From turning flat images/SVGs into layered designs, to mastering shadow box design, mandala letters, adding shadows/outlines to text and even designing your own CLOCKS - the Cricut possibilities you'll unleash by taking this training will be endless!

Fantastic course! I learned so much and was able to create some of my own designs. I highly recommend Lovely Layers. Sarah is an excellent instructor, you will not be sorry.
Lyn S.

Sarah has put together such a helpful course. Everything is explained so clearly. She's taught me how to create beautiful layered designs right inside Design Space. Now I can create whatever I want!
Heather M.

I have loved Sarah’s Lovely Layering Course. I have learned so much from this course and it was affordable and worth the fee. I still have four more lessons and I can’t wait to get home from work and start another lesson.
Lori Y.

Get started now for $67
$47 limited-time sale

Learn how to design ALL these layered
projects... using ONLY Cricut Design Space!

Lesson 1 Part 1
Making Layered Designs with the Contour Tool

Lesson 1 Part 2
Adding More Depth to your Layered Designs with the Slice Tool

Lesson 2
Layering Text/Words with Offset - Great for Cake Toppers

Lesson 3
Layering Images with Offset - 3 Different Ways

Lesson 4
Designing Shadow Boxes that REALLY Pop!

Lesson 5
Shaped Shadow Boxes with LED Lights

Lesson 6
Layered Greetings Cards for Any Occasion

Lesson 7
Stencil Letter Shadow Boxes with DIY Patterns

Lesson 8, Part 1
Simple Layered Letters Using Any Font

Lesson 8, Part 2
Complex Layered Letters, aka Mandala Alphabets

Lesson 9
Add Layers to ANY Silhouette or Outline Image

Lesson 10
Designing Layered Clocks - a Great Birthday Gift!

Lesson 11
Creating Detailed Word Scenes with Pictures Inside

Lesson 12
Simple Shadow Boxes with Inset

Lesson 13
Converting PNG/JPG Images into Cuttable Designs

Lesson 14 (Coming April 2023)
Turn Photos into Cuttable Designs (Yes, your Fave Family Pics!)

Lessons 16-18 (Coming June 2023)
Paper Wreaths, Floral Bouquets & Giant Off-the-Mat Wall Art Signs

Learn all the skills you need to master creating layered designs with your Cricut machine!

Get started now for $67 $47 limited-time sale


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Hi, I'm Sarah! I’m a Cricut crafter & card maker from the UK.

I LOVE designing layered Cricut projects, making greetings cards and experimenting with Design Space!

Lovely Layering is a collection of my BEST Design Space tutorials & tips. 🤩

Each lesson contains step-by-step videos that are easy to follow, whether you're brand new to Cricut or you've been using Design Space for years.


It's really easy to follow and on my 1st layered project I got lost so I messaged Sarah and was put back on track. I cannot recommend the course enough. Sarah is a star and nothing is too much trouble. Months later I keep going back to the course if I've forgot what to do and it's so easy to follow. Thank you Sarah for everything.
Steph S.

I am new to Cricut and found Sarah’s tutorials very detailed and at a good pace. I learned so much more than just layering and this course gave me some much needed confidence! It is great that you keep access to the training and any future updates as well. I would definitely recommend her!
Printzline I.

I've had my Cricut for a few years and actually feel pretty confident with using it. But, despite that, I did learn a lot of things in the class that gave me more confidence in manipulating existing images and making new projects. Due to Sarah's class, I have created two new projects on my own that I never would have had the initiative to try before. I really appreciate how thorough her videos are.
Jeannie B.

Soon, it could be YOU designing layered projects like these:

It's time to start designing!

Get started now for $67 $47 limited-time sale


Your questions, answered! 🥰

What is 'Lovely Layering'?
Lovely Layering is a collection of video lessons on how to design your own layered projects in Cricut Design Space. This course teaches you how to transform existing images/text/SVGs into layered designs using Design Space.

Do I need a Cricut machine to take this training?
Yes, you do, because the training videos all use Cricut Design Space.

What if I have a Silhouette / Scan n Cut / other brand of cutting machine?
Unfortunately, as all of the training videos have been recorded using Cricut Design Space, this training is not suitable for other brands of cutting machine.

Does this course teach me how to design SVGs?
No, it doesn't. This training teaches you how to customise existing images/SVGs into new projects using Design Space. You can save your projects in Design Space so that you can use them whenever you want, but you can't save them as a SVG files as Cricut Design Space does not let you export your work in the SVG format.

Can I watch the training whenever I want?
Yes! All videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want. You can watch each video as many times as you like.

As soon as you purchase the course, you get instant access to all of the training videos!

What software do I need to complete the training?
You need Cricut Design Space to be able to follow along with the videos.

The Offset tool in Design Space is used for several of the lessons. This tool requires a minimum of Windows 10 (64-bit) or MacOS 10.15.

Do I need a laptop or computer to complete the training?
Yes, I strongly recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer and NOT a phone/tablet/Chromebook. The Offset tool that I use for many of the videos doesn't exist in the mobile app version of Design Space.

Windows or Mac laptops/computers are both fine for this course.

Do I need to pay for Cricut Access to take this training?
No, you do not need Cricut Access although it is recommended so that you can make the exact same projects that I do in the videos. However, if you do not subscribe to Cricut Access then that's completely fine - you can take the course without it and I show you several places to get free SVGs and images to use in your layered designs instead of using Cricut Access.

What is the price of the 'Lovely Layering' training?
The full price is $67 USD (+ VAT if you live in a country that uses VAT e.g. UK, EU countries)
For a limited time you can purchase Lovely Layering for just $47 USD + VAT if applicable

Are the lessons kept up-to-date?
Yes, they are! In fact, I have just (Feb 2023) released re-recorded versions of most of the videos that have been re-made in the latest version of Design Space.

Do I need to pay for updates?
No! If you purchase Lovely Layering then you get any future updates and new lessons for FREE!

What if I need help or support during the lessons?
No problem! Join our friendly Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback on your work.
Don't have a Facebook account? You can email me directly on instead.

Do the videos come with closed captions?
Yes, all the videos come with English closed captions that you can turn on or off depending on your preference.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, if you are unhappy with the course, you can email me at within 14 days of your purchase to request a refund. Please include your reason for requesting a refund in the email, and let me know the email address that you signed up with.

My question isn't answered here - how can I contact you?
Please send an email to if you have any questions. I check my emails regularly throughout the day. I am on UK time (GMT) so if you are in a different timezone then it may take me a few hours to reply to your message. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.

Start making layered Cricut designs TODAY! 😍

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