Create your own layered projects... right within Cricut Design Space!

Design your dream layered projects in Cricut Design Space!

With the Lovely Layering video course, you'll *easily* learn everything you need to know about creating gorgeous layered designs - right within Design Space!

Watch easy-to-follow Design Space based training videos to transform your Cricut crafting.

Lovely Layering is a course on how to create beautiful bespoke papercraft projects to cut yourself on your own Cricut machine. It is not a course on how to make downloadable files/svgs to sell as digital products. Keep reading to find out more. 🥰

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Learning how to design for your Cricut can feel so intimidating.

Your imagination is full of ideas of projects to make, but you feel like your technical skills are holding you back from being able to design everything your creative heart desires.

  • Learning on your own, but it just takes *so long* & you get so frustrated trying to figure everything out that you simply give up. 😩
  • Watching free YouTube videos, but they are often out of date, only show you bits and pieces (and leave out some of the most crucial steps!), or are zoomed so far out that you can’t follow along with what is being clicked. 🤦‍♀️
  • Learning from other creators, but it’s often hard to keep up with them because they don’t begin with the most foundational steps of the design process. 🤔

...but figuring out how and where to start with designing your own projects…

  • there was an easier way to turn all of your Cricut ideas into reality?

  • you didn’t have to spend so much time mindlessly scrolling through ready-made designs because you could easily just create your own? 

  • you knew how to create them without having to sift through so many unhelpful, outdated tutorials?

It’s time to ditch the endless YouTube tutorials & SVG searches and EASILY learn how to make your OWN layered projects that look EXACTLY how you want them to!


A step-by-step video course that teaches you everything you need to know about transforming images, text, and photographs into your own layered cardstock designs using Cricut Design Space!

With Lovely Layering, here are just some of the amazing designs you’ll be able to make:

  • Shadow boxes
  • Mandala letters
  • Cake toppers
  • Greetings cards
  • Paper wreaths
  • Floral bouquets
  • Your own photos into layered projects <<< you’re going to love this one!

Bring your creative ideas to life with Lovely Layering!


Here's what you'll love about this course:

Learn all the skills you need to create your OWN custom designs! (No more endlessly searching through "just the right" SVGs - just create your own!)

No need to switch between several programs to make your designs happen. Wherever possible, 100% of steps are completed within Design Space.

As a trained graphic designer with over 15 years' experience, I make sure to explain everything in an easy-to-follow way without using confusing jargon or terminology! All of the tutorials include "zoom-ins" & highlights so you can easily see which buttons you need to click. (And, English closed captions included!)

Get stuck on a step? Need some clarity on a tutorial? Excited about your newest creation and want to share? Just pop on over to our vibrant Facebook community - get all of your questions asked and showcase your recent projects so we can cheer you on! 🎉

We start with the basics and go from there! All of the lessons are specifically designed to go "in order" of difficulty, so you can build your underlying Design Space skills before moving on to more complex ideas.

No more confusing, outdated, hard-to-follow YouTube tutorials!

(And YES, as a Lovely Layering customer, you’ll get free access to any future updates or new lessons!)

With the Lovely Layering course, you'll get access to:

Learn everything you need to know about layering with easy-to-follow, completely up-to-date tutorials! (And, learn everything right within Design Space!)

Come join us in our customer-only Facebook group to ask your questions, get feedback on your designs, and showcase your projects.

With a Cricut Shortcuts cheatsheet, a vault of resource suggestions, and additional bonus tutorials, you'll be on your way to making your custom layered designs in no time.

You’ll have so much more time and energy to focus on what you really love - bringing your creative ideas to life!


Learn how to design ALL these layered
projects...using ONLY Cricut Design Space!

Making Layered Designs with the Contour Tool

Learn how to turn one-colour images into beautiful multi-layered designs using the Contour tool in Cricut Design Space.

If you're new to Design Space, you'll want to start with this lesson as it teaches the key tools we'll be using for the rest of the projects. It's the perfect introduction to creating layered cardstock designs!

Adding More Depth with the Slice Tool

This lesson builds on Part 1. Instead of simply filling in the patterns on the zentangle images with colours, you'll using the Slice tool to split up the image to create more realistic depth.

Watch your images transform into gorgeous and realistic 3D designs!

Layering Text/Words with Offset

The Offset tool allows you to easily create layered designs that work really well as cake toppers or to go on greetings cards.

Make a simple text-based cake topper to get to grips with how the Offset tool works, and get my top tips for how to make ombre outlines to your words.

Layering Images with Offset:
3 Different Ways

It's not just text that you can use Offset on! Learn how to apply it to images - and even to multiple layers all at once.

We'll take three different images and use the Offset tool in three separate ways.

I bet you'll never have guessed this little Design Space button was so powerful!

Designing Shadow Boxes that REALLY Pop!

Make your own perfect wall decor craft projects! Craft along with me to make a layered wolf shadow box design.

The techniques you'll learn in this lesson can then be used to make ANY theme of shadow box, for ANY occasion.

Shaped Shadow Boxes with LED Lights

Let's level-up our shadow boxes by creating the 3D levels inside the shape of another image, instead of simply putting them into a square.

Learn the KEY differences between designing a shadow box to be cut from coloured cardstock vs one that's lit up with LED/fairy lights.

Layered Greetings Cards for Any Occasion

Make easy greetings cards for all occasions. Creating personalized greetings cards for family and friends is the perfect way to show how much you care for them.

This is one of the most popular lessons in Lovely Layering! We'll even add a score line to make the cards easy to fold.

Stencil Letter Shadow Boxes with DIY Patterns

Add your initial to a shadow box and create a stepped shadowing effect with a custom pattern.

Personalized home decor never got so easy! Whoever it's for... you can make them something unique.

Simple Layered Letters Using Any Font

Layered letters were the first things I ever made when I first got my Cricut, so I LOVE teaching these lessons!

Let's start with a simple introduction to making layered letters with a floral rose initial.

Complex Layered Letters, aka Mandala Alphabets

Take everything learnt in the previous video and expand on it! Add custom patterns inside letters, create filigree backgrounds and add images to the top.

The end results are nothing short of stunning. 🤩

Add Layers to ANY Silhouette or Outline Image

Found the perfect image to use in your craft project but it's a solid silhouette with no patterns to use to create layers?

Here's how to convert solid images into an outline and then add a beautiful mandala design inside so that it can be layered.

Designing Layered Clocks - a Great Birthday Gift!

Make a custom clock that really works!

See how to position the numbers so that they look even around the edge of the clock, and add fun designs to the middle.

I bet you never thought you could make THIS with your Cricut...

Creating Detailed Word Scenes with Pictures Inside

Stretch the same layered design across multiple, separate letters to build a fun and unusual word scene.

Word scenes look wonderful mounted in a long, thin frame, or even stuck directly onto a wall - particularly in nurseries or children's playrooms.

Simple Shadow Boxes with Inset

Instead of building letters that "pop" outwards... how about building the layers INWARDS instead?

This is another lesson using the trusty Offset tool in Design Space.

Make custom layered inset shadow boxes in just a couple of minutes.

Converting PNG/JPG Images (with outlines) into Cuttable Designs

Ever wanted to take an image you've found online and convert it to a layered cardstock design? Here's how!

See how to upload images to Design Space and format them to improve the quality and turn them into cuttable creations.

Converting images without outlines into cuttable designs

This is the same sort of thing as the previous lesson, but this time it's when your original image doesn't have thick outlines on it.

The steps needed to turn this type of image into a layered one is a little different, but it's still totally possible to do!

Removing Backgrounds from Photographs

Before we can start turning photographs into layered designs, we need to do a few little tweaks to them to make them easier to convert.

Here's how to remove backgrounds from photographs so that we can focus on crafting just the key elements of the photograph composition.

Turning Photo Silhouettes into Layered Shadow Boxes

Now that we've removed the background from our photo, we can cut it out!

Here's how to turn a photo into a silhouette and then add it into a shadow box with a mandala background.

Perfect for wedding photos and anniversary or Valentine's Day gifts!

Converting Photos to One-Layer SVGs

Shh... don't tell anyone, but this is a VINYL based lesson... not cardstock...

Turn a photograph into a one-layer SVG file that's suitable for cutting from vinyl... or cardstock, of course.

(This Lesson uses free third-party software, not Design Space. Don't worry, it's really easy to use!)

Turning Photos into Greyscale Layered Designs

Use the same computer program from the previous lesson to turn your favourite family photos into layered greyscale designs.

The different shades of grey make your photos look super-realistic when cut from cardstock.

Converting Photos to Coloured Cardstock Designs

Don't like the look of the greyscale designs? Use Design Space to turn it back into colour!

This process takes a little while to complete, but once it's finished, you'll have a stunning full-colour cardstock replica of your original photograph.


Combine Multiple Images into One Design

Got lots of images that you want to turn into one? See how to do that here!

Turn multiple flowers into a beautiful bouquet displayed in a papercraft vase.

Learn my tricks to format the layers to make it easy to stick together!


Paper Wreaths

Create beautiful flower wreaths from cardstock. These are such pretty papercraft projects!

See how to make up the circular base to your wreath and then add flowers and other decorations, including how to merge the same colours together to make large, easy-to-stick layers.


Giant Off-the-Mat Signs

The course ends with something impressive! Design giant signs that go as big as your dreams...

I usually make them around 25-28 inches wide for a papercraft that REALLY packs a punch.

We'll split the bottom pieces into sections so that they can still be cut out on a regular Cricut cutting mat from 12x12, US Letter or A4 cardstock.

Learn all the skills you need to master creating layered designs with your Cricut machine!

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  • Be amongst the FIRST to learn about any new updates to the lessons in the course.

AND, you'll also get some amazing bonuses to make it even easier for you to create your custom designs!


Get a robust list of my favorite places to find (mostly free!) images, SVGs and fonts to use in your designs.

BONUS #2: VIDEO TUTORIAL - How to display all your computer fonts at once for easy font selection when making a project

When you're working on a design, it's really helpful to be able to see the words you want in all of the different fonts on your computer before you choose one.

In this quick tutorial, I'll help you learn how you can easily decide which font you want to use!


Get a cheatsheet of keyboard shortcuts and an easy reference guide for the various tools you'll use in Design Space! (This will be such a time-saver for you!)

Get all of these bonuses for FREE when you purchase Lovely Layering!

Check out what other Lovely Layering students love about the course!

(And gasp at the beautiful projects they've made with their new skills! 🤩)


I’m a Cricut crafter & card maker from the UK.

I LOVE designing layered Cricut projects, making greetings cards and experimenting with Design Space!

Lovely Layering is a collection of my BEST Design Space tutorials & tips. 🤩

Each lesson contains step-by-step videos that are easy to follow, whether you're brand new to Cricut or you've been using Design Space for years.


What is 'Lovely Layering'?
Lovely Layering is a collection of video lessons on how to design your own layered projects in Cricut Design Space. This course teaches you how to transform existing images/text/SVGs into layered designs using Design Space.

Do I need a Cricut machine to take this training?
Yes, you do, because the training videos all use Cricut Design Space.

What if I have a Silhouette / Scan n Cut / other brand of cutting machine?
Unfortunately, as all of the training videos have been recorded using Cricut Design Space, this training is not suitable for other brands of cutting machine.

Does this course teach me how to design SVGs?
No, it doesn't. This training teaches you how to customise existing images/SVGs into new projects using Design Space. You can save your projects in Design Space so that you can use them whenever you want, but you can't save them as a SVG files as Cricut Design Space does not let you export your work in the SVG format.

Can I watch the training whenever I want?
Yes! All videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch them whenever you want. You can watch each video as many times as you like.

As soon as you purchase the course, you get instant access to all of the training videos!

What software do I need to complete the training?
You need Cricut Design Space to be able to follow along with the videos.

The Offset tool in Design Space is used for several of the lessons. This tool requires a minimum of Windows 10 (64-bit) or MacOS 10.15.

Do I need a laptop or computer to complete the training?
Yes, I strongly recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer and NOT a phone/tablet/Chromebook. The Offset tool that I use for many of the videos doesn't exist in the mobile app version of Design Space.

Windows or Mac laptops/computers are both fine for this course.

Do I need to pay for Cricut Access to take this training?
No, you do not need Cricut Access although it is recommended so that you can make the exact same projects that I do in the videos.

However, if you do not subscribe to Cricut Access then that's completely fine - you can take the course without it and I show you several places to get free SVGs and images to use in your layered designs instead of using Cricut Access.

What is the price of the 'Lovely Layering' training?
The full price is $37 USD (+ VAT if you live in a country that uses VAT e.g. UK, EU countries).

Do I need to pay for updates?
No! If you purchase Lovely Layering then you get any future updates and new lessons for FREE!

What if I need help or support during the lessons?
No problem! Join our friendly Facebook group to ask questions and get feedback on your work.
Don't have a Facebook account? You can email me directly on instead.

Do the videos come with closed captions?
Yes, all the videos come with English closed captions that you can turn on or off depending on your preference.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, if you are unhappy with the course, you can email me at within 14 days of your purchase to request a refund. Please include your reason for requesting a refund in the email, and let me know the email address that you signed up with.

My question isn't answered here - how can I contact you?
Please send an email to if you have any questions. I check my emails regularly throughout the day.

I am on UK time (GMT) so if you are in a different timezone then it may take me a few hours to reply to your message. Please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.

Start making layered Cricut designs TODAY! 😍

Here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Lovely Layering:

  • Up-to-date, step-by-step video lessons that'll teach you everything you need to know about creating layered designs with your Cricut (right inside Design Space)
  • BONUS #1: Resource Vault
  • BONUS #2: Video Tutorial - How to Display all Fonts on your Computer at Once
  • BONUS #3: Design Space Cheat Sheets